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Our CS:GO Pro List shows that over 50% of all CS:GO Pros use a ZOWIE mouse. It is not surprising when you consider that it was built especially for CS:GO Players. The Zowie EC2-A and Zowie EC2-B models stand out particularly.
The most popular keyboard brands are Xtrfyand HyperX. The Xtrfy K2-RGB and the HyperX Alloy FPS Pro share first place in the CS: GO Pros.
Over 40% of all CS:GO Pro use a HyperX headset and 30% of all CS:GO use the HyperX Cloud II which currently dominates the CS:GO world.

Do I need pro settings and/or gear?

Look: If a racing driver drives an old Fiat, anyone can beat him. But if he has the right car, the right tires and a perfect software setup, he is one of the TOP 1% in the world.

For this reason it is essential that an ambitious gamer gets good equipment and optimizes his Settings. On this website you will find the equipment and settings of the best pro gamers as well as several streamers.

Do Pro Gamer use sponsored Gear?

Professional teams usually have an equipment sponsor. Esports has become a highly competitive market and sponsors are fighting for the best players and teams. In most cases players can continue to use their own equipment. We only list hardware that the players really use and not the sponsored hardware.

Are our data always correct?

Professional players are constantly changing their equipment and settings.
Technology is changing and if you don’t constantly improve your gaming setup, you will no longer be one of the TOP players.That is one of the most important tasks as a pro gamer.

Of course we continuously check our data, but it can happen that the data is out of date. If you notice that we are not up to date please send us a message at