Best CS:GO Settings

CS:GO is an extraordinary game to play either at a casual or competitive level. But since it’s a game where your reaction time and speed matter a whole lot, it’s extremely important to know the right settings and ways you can customize your experience. Ideally you want to have the game run smoothly to ensure a perfect set of gameplay mechanics. We recommend you to check the tips listed below if you want to make your CS:GO experience better with just a few simple tweaks here and there.

Best CS:GO Settings - Mouse Settings

One of the problems that many players are dealing with is the CS:GO mouse acceleration. It’s a thing that actually causes quite a lot of trouble for most players. If you have mouse acceleration turned on, Windows is altering its movement in order to boost the precision. But this makes it less accurate for you. And since CS:GO is a game all about accuracy, it’s crucial to ensure that you turn this feature off. If anything, you will have control over the way your mouse moves. There’s no third party adjustment, so you can be even more accurate.

Find the right DPI for YOU

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to the right mouse settings for CS:GO is to think about the best DPI. There are lots of gaming mice with 10000 DPI or more. But the truth is that these tend to have low precision. Ideally you want to go for around 400 to 800 DPI for high accuracy and precision aiming. In the case of 1000+ DPI, you will lose accuracy, so actively going with a DPI under 1000 is the right way to go. It sounds less than ideal but it delivers the results you expect without that much of a problem.

It’s a good idea to experiment with multiple DPI. If you have a 4k resolution for your monitor, then you will need higher DPI. Finding the right DPI does take trial and error to do it right, but it will definitely make the process simpler and more convenient in the end.



Best CS:GO Settings - Resolution, Aspect Ratio and Video Settings

Best aspect ratio for CS:GO

Most of the time, people play with 16:9 as it’s the normal monitor aspect ratio. If you have a newer monitor, you can go with 16:10 if you want. There are players that want to go for the more old school, stretched approach. In this case it makes a lot of sense to choose 4:3. It’s not as visually appealing as the others, but it works for the older monitors.

Video Settings

CSGO Best Graphic Settings

Ideally you want to disable things like:

  • Motion blur
  • Wait for vertical sync
  • FXAA anti-alias
  • Laptop power savings
Aside from that, you want to switch the texture filtering mode to bilinear and remove the multisampling antialiasing mode. What you want to turn on is the multicore rendering for better performance. Model texture detail, shader and effect details should be low if possible, with the global shadow quality being switched to very low. We recommend you to go for Fullscreen, as windowed mode can lead to accuracy problems. As for brightness, this is all up to you. Here you can experiment with different brightness levels to see which one delivers the best experience in-0game.

CS:GO Best Resolution

Depending on the monitor you play, you will want to choose a different resolution. For example, we recommend you to stick to the default monitor resolution. If you have a 2k monitor, then go for the 2k resolution. The same thing can be said about 4k. You always want to be certain that you stick to what your monitor can provide out of the box. If you go with a 1080p resolution on a 4k monitor, the game will have to stretch the details and it’s not going to look ok. That means you can lose accuracy and end up with a variety of other problems. Addressing this issue properly can be a very good idea, and you will be very impressed with the results in the end. That’s the thing that matters the most, after all.

Best Refresh Rate for CS:GO

A lot of people are playing CS:GO using the 60 Hz refresh rate and it’s just fine for them. The ideal option, if you have a 144 Hz monitor is to go for this refresh rate because it offers higher speeds, better control and a faster reaction time. You always need to make sure that you stick to the right refresh rate and still try out a variety of options if possible.
240 Hz is even better if you have a monitor with this refresh rate, but there are not that many differences you can feel between 144 and 240 Hz. So it’s a much better idea to stick with 144 Hz as your refresh rate, since it will give you pretty much all the results you want without any worries. It’s just the best of both worlds, and the experience itself can be a very good one in the end.

Best Crosshair Settings for CS:GO

A good crosshair code would be “CSGO-ntPFF-bJTTA-Y4Aj2-hjq8v-dRZfE”, you can add this in the settings. It’s a simple crosshair and it will offer you the control and ease of use you would need. With that in mind, you can switch between a variety of crosshair styles and customize them with ease. Ideally you want to start with some pre-defined options from the community, and then you can adapt those to what suits your style.

CS:GO BEst Crosshair


Customizing your CS:GO experience is very important if you want to have the best speed and performance. Making sure that you improve the way you play and adapt accordingly is extremely important. It will take a bit to adapt and tweak all the features you need, but take your time, use these tips and tricks presented above, then customize accordingly. With some trial and error, you will have no problem taking your gameplay to the next level. Implement these unique ideas and play around with all the other options to find the ideal CS:GO setup!

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