Best Monitor for CS:GO

CS:GO is one of the most widely played games in the entire world, so it makes a lot of sense to try and find the right computer to suit your needs. The reality is that getting a good, reliable monitor for CS:GO can make a difference not only when it comes to reaction time, but also the amazing gameplay and true focus on quality. What we like about finding the best CS:GO is that you have options for pretty much all wallets. Some of these are inherently expensive, others are more affordable.

The great thing is that nowadays LCD screens are quite common and you can get many Hz out of these units. This is great because you will be impressed with the response time and also the overall value and quality. It might take a bit of a trial and error to narrow down the right CS:GO monitor, but it’s definitely out there and you just have to find it. At the end of the day, the best monitor doesn’t have to be the most expensive unit. Instead, it’s the one that gives you the best bang for your bug. There’s no shortage of options for that.

What makes a Monitor good for CS:GO?

When you play a shooter like CS:GO, reaction time is very important. A monitor that’s large enough to see everything but which also gives a quick reaction time can indeed make a huge difference. That’s the thing to take into account and it will indeed make a huge difference for you. Precision and fluidity will always matter for any FPS gamer, and at the end of the day, these can work very well.

In regards to what things you have to consider the most here, we think that the most important thing is the refresh rate. Ideally, you want to go with a monitor that can do 144 frames per second. If you have the funds, you can go with a 240 or even 360 Hz monitor. Granted, when you get over the 144 frames, you won’t feel the difference as much. The main difference is when you go from 60 Hz to 144 Hz. And that’s why shifting towards a monitor like the latter can be a huge advantage in CS:GO.

When it comes to the resolution, you don’t need or want to go in 4K with CS:GO. Sure, you can if you have the configuration for it, but this is not a game build for any 4K capabilities or anything like that. You get support for it, but the main focus is to make the gameplay a whole lot better and certainly more cohesive than it ever was. The aspect ratio also doesn’t matter. Some pros even play at the 4:3 resolution, a testament to the way this game was created and why it doesn’t matter if you speed things up or anything like that.

The most popular CS:GO resolution is 1920×1080, so regular 1080p is more than enough for this game. This is why most of the monitors in this list are quite simplistic and they don’t focus on making the game look incredible. If you want to be very good at this game, the focus is on reaction time, how the information is displayed and how quickly you can see the enemy. Having that information is what you want to pursue, and in the end, that’s what conveys the utmost results and value.

Most Used Brands

Generally when you buy CS:GO monitors, your focus always has to be on the quality of the monitor and its features. Over the years, more and more brands have continued to impress with their inventions and quality, and they are constantly pushing the limits in a great manner. That shows the efficiency that they bring to the table and the extraordinary attention to detail. That’s the great thing here and in the end, the outcome is among some of the best out there. Of course, there are demanding situations that can appear, but some manufacturers manage to stand out when it comes to their offers and incredible quality.

Zowie BenQ is the most popular brand and it comes as highly recommended for a variety of reasons. For starters, you have a multitude of models that you can use and these bring in amazing quality and value. On top of that, you will appreciate the ease of use and outstanding attention to detail. The fact that you also get to optimize various features and access expensive features on affordable monitors is another reason why this brand is well worth working with.

ACER is another great brand that has invested a lot of time and effort to create CS:GO monitors. And yes, they do have a very good history of creating affordable, yet very high-quality monitors that you can rely on. It just goes to show the resilience and value that you are interested in, and the benefits are always among some of the best.

You can try out ASUS monitors too. ASUS as a company known for not only its great engineering teams but also for their great features and outstanding value. It helps bring in an amazing range of opportunities, and the fact that you have multiple brands to choose from is very important.


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1. BENQ XL2546

BENQ XL2546 is maybe the best monitor for CS:GO because it has all the features you need in a compact, reliable and affordable package. It has a 1ms response time and a 240 Hz refresh rate. On top of that, they added a very good S-Switch that makes it easy to navigate the OSD. On top of that, you can switch between multiple profiles, just in case you use it for more than gaming. It also has onboard memory so you can easily change your settings if you want.

On top of that, you can change the BENQ XL2546 color vibrance, so that means you never have to worry about dealing with additional software on your computer. They do have a feature that helps light up dark areas of the map. That, combined with motion blur detection helps provide a very fast, reliable, and crisp image that pushes the boundaries when it comes to quality, efficiency, and reliability in this game. It’s a great monitor with a nice look too, and it’s designed to bring in all the right features in a very good and detailed package.

2. BENQ XL2540

This is a 24.5” monitor created for esports and it has a 240 Hz refresh rate too. It’s a black monitor, but one that’s very stylish and it has pretty much all the support you need. You get HDMI support, DVI as well. It’s full HD, but as we mentioned above, the focus here is on speed and not really on anything else. This is where the BENQ XL2540 shines because it’s a fast Zowie family monitor with really good efficiency.

The fact that they improve lighting in dark areas is always a great thing. They also added side panels that help you focus on the game and avoid distractions. It’s something nifty and certainly the type of thing you rarely see in any monitor like this. Additionally, the viewing angles can be personalized, all thanks to the stand.

You can fully adapt and adjust it based on your needs. And yes, you do have the S Switch feature that helps you access settings and browse them with ease. You don’t have to worry about using the BENQ XL2540 rightfully and making the most out of its features in games anymore. It’s a very good option to consider and you will find it always conveys an amazing quality and experience.

3. ASUS PG258Q

ASUS PG258Q shares many similarities with the other monitors listed above. It’s a 24.5” monitor with a 1080p resolution and 240 Hz Displayport. It has 2 USB ports too and HDMI support. The design is very impressive, and you will be impressed with its great refresh rate and G Sync support. On top of that, they added a GamePlus tech that helps you access an FPS counter, timer, see a crosshair in the middle of the screen and so on.

They also make it easy to use for a multi-monitor system if you want. It’s a great solution for those that want a monitor for gaming and also combine it with one for productivity. It’s a very fast monitor too, one that will always impress players with its speed and natural set of features. It’s really easy to set it up too, and the fact that it delivers that great, crisp design is what sets it apart when compared to other options that you can find on the market. It’s a great solution if you are serious about CS:GO and you also want great performance in your game, combined with a fast response time.

4. AOC AG251FZ

There are many things to like about the AOC AG251FZ. The TN 25” display is versatile, it comes with a full HD resolution and 240 Hz refresh rate. It also has a 1 ms response time and complete FreeSync support. On top of that, this is a monitor whose focus is always on quality and value, and you will be amazed by its extra features.

They added a low input lag mode to ensure that your commands are executed fast and with great accuracy. You also get the AOC shadow control system so you don’t have to worry about the image being door dark or too washed out. You get the perfect field of view and also a great way to ensure it’s all adapted to your needs. On top of that, the flicker-free tech can help reduce stress on your eyes.

This is a great CS:GO monitor, because it does a stellar job, it’s efficient and the manufacturer goes out of its way to bring in features that would be hard to find in a monitor like this. It’s totally worth a shot.

4. Alienware AW2521H

The Alienware AW2521H monitor is known for its 360 Hz support and the fact that it delivers fast, amazing gameplay in any shooter, especially CS:GO. At the same time, it has a 1 ms response time and a 24.5” size. They also added all the features you expect, like USB 3 support, HDMI, Freesync and GSync.

The refresh rate for this unit is incredible, and it goes to show the true power of the device. Their reflex latency analyzer helps you remove latency and ensure you have the best possible gameplay results. On top of that, the gameplay is enhanced and also not interrupted, which is always crucial. They also added better color intensity and a very good, accurate speed. The color quality is impressive and a clear way to see how the latest technologies were added and adapted to bring you amazing experiences all the time.

Also, the design is very nice and you can personalize your monitor in a variety of ways. You can also change all the settings to the millimeter if you want. The fact that you also have a very fast and impressive CS:GO gameplay is the cherry on the top here.


All these CS:GO monitors are incredible and they manage to push the boundaries and deliver amazing gameplay. The reality is that you do want to invest in a 240 Hz or even 360 Hz monitor for CS:GO if you can since this is a fast pace game and a great response time can really make you shine. All these models listed above are very impressive and they can help you make a difference as you play. All you have to do is to check them out, and you are bound to be very impressed with them and their results!



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