Best Mousepad for Valorant

We love Valorant a lot because it’s a very competitive, fun game. You get to test your skills against other people, and you have a lot of fun exploring all kinds of options and immersing yourself into the experience. With that in mind, getting the right mouse means nothing unless you have the right mousepad to boot. The truth is that you can end up having a whole lot of fun playing the game and improving with a good mousepad. It’s a great idea to understand what features you need and what can make your gameplay even better.

With the right mousepad, your mouse will move faster, quicker and you will have more accuracy. This helps immensely, and you will be impressed with the overall efficiency and tremendous quality. You just have to check it out for yourself.

What makes a mousepad good for VALORANT?

A good Valorant mousepad needs to be consistent, professional and it needs to push the boundaries to bring in front the best quality and results. It also needs to let your mousepad flow and work adequately. Making it easy for your mouse to track your movements means that you will play with great ease, and you will find yourself very happy with the experience and unique attention to detail in this game. That alone can make it well worth it every time. 

The size of a Valorant mousepad matters, but it also needs to complement your desk too. Ideally, you want to have a larger mousepad just because it makes things easier and you will find yourself using the unit a whole lot better. You just have to check it out for yourself, and the results can indeed be second to none every time. 

Most Used Brands

unique ideas. The truth is that every brand we are listing here comes with multiple mousepads that suit your needs. We like Zowie because they are known to provide excellent mousepads that don’t break the bank. On top of that, you also have Logitech which has a very good history when it comes to high-quality tech products.

Add to that SteelSeries too, this is a company that has been around for a whole lot of time. And yes, they are delivering some amazing mousepads too, aside from having great mice. It just helps a lot, and you will find that it conveys the experience and outstanding results you would expect, which is what matters the most. 

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1. Zowie G-SR

Zowie G-SR might be a cloth-based unit, but it’s better than many of those you can find on the market. It has a very good surface friction and controlling glide. The benefit is that you will get a medium thickness pad, the edges are stitched, and the base is made out of rubber. Add to that the fact that you can easily use this and not have to worry about its ease of use and durability, then you will see why a lot of people prefer this product when compared to the others on the market. 


Zowie G-SR is great if you want more control and don’t want a fast gaming pad. It gets the job done, and it’s perfect for Valorant too. That’s what matters the most, after all, and it does an incredible job in this regard. You do need to wash it from time to time, but other than that, it’s well worth it!

2. Logitech G640

Logitech G640 is just as thick as the unit above, but it doesn’t have stitched edges. The medium-fast glide makes it powerful, dependable, but also a pleasure to use and a great way to enjoy your experience and push it to the next level in a creative manner.


If you want to have a middle of the road unit that does require little maintenance and which comes with a very slick look, then this is the right option for you. You definitely need to check it out right away, and you will appreciate the results quite a bit. This is a great pad for those that tend to work on uneven, unpredictable surfaces. It still gets the job done, and that alone makes it worth the effort.

3. SteelSeries QcK

What we like about SteelSeries QcK is the fact that it’s a bit heavy, and it does have a 6 mm thickness. It’s a very thick pad, which means you can use it on any surface you want without worrying about any issues and challenges that might arise. With that being said, this unit can be a bit slower, since it’s thicker, so the mouse will not move as fast. 


If you get past that, you will be very happy with the way it works and the features that it brings to the table. This can be a great pick if you have an uneven desk, so if you game away from your computer, this might actually come in handy.

4. SteelSeries QcK+

This is a classic mousepad that a lot of people in the pro circuit use quite a lot. It’s affordable, you get an average glide, and the thickness is 2 mm, so it’s great for fast swipes with the mouse. You also have a very seamless transition between the pad and desk. It can be harder to use if you end up having a rough desk or a tricky surface.



However, the performance is great on most desks, and we like the great attention to detail and incredible value for money. It’s definitely the type of product that people love, and the quality provided is second to none. 


We recommend you to give any of these mousepads a try if you want to play Valorant. They can make your game experience better, and you will have a great time being more accurate and improving the way you play. It’s totally worth it to just check out multiple different brands, then see what works!



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