Valorant Skye: Valorant's next Awesome agent - is she any good?

Valorant Agent Skye

With Act III, the new Icebox map will appear in Valorant on October 14th, followed by Agent Skye on October 27th. The Slayer’s Skill Set can reveal enemies in a number of ways and thus provide the team WITH INFORMATION. Besides Sage, Skye is the first agent who can heal her colleagues – she not only takes care of individual players, but all teammates within a certain radius. We provide an overview of ALL Skye’s ABILITIES.

Valorant Skye Abilities

  • E-SPELL – GUIDING LIGHT: Throws a falcon that can be steered along the crosshair. Triggering it again turns the falcon into a flash. One charge costs 100 credits, three charges can be equipped.
  • Q-SPELL – TRAILBLAZER: Summons a Tasmanian tiger that is controlled by Skye through the map. When triggered again, it explodes, causing a concussion and dealing some damage to an enemy directly hit. The skill costs 200 credits.
  • C-SPELL – REGROWTH: With her basic ability, Skye can heal all teammates within a certain radius, the healing recharges. Skye doesn’t heal itself with it.
  • X-SPELL – SEEKERS: Your Ultimate activates three seekers that track down nearby enemies. When an enemy is hit, they become short-sighted for a period of time. The skill costs (probably) seven points.
With her Ultimate, Skye has three flashes, i.e. effects that blind opponents. That is more than enough to drive opponents out of their holes and make them easy targets for Skye’s Team. Especially in situations where a spike needs to be caught, Skye can be crucial to the game.

Valorant Skye Trailer

What are Skye’s weaknesses?

Skye’s skills are all easy to counter if you shoot them in time. Besides, Skye cannot heal herself. So you should hold back with Skye and support the team instead of getting kills on the front line.

Who should play Skye

Skye isn’t exactly the first choice for top fraggers targeting kill records. You can play her offensively, but her preferred place is in the 2nd row, from where she initiates attacks. So if you like to support and heal your team and have fun with playing heroes like Sova, Sage and Breach, you will also have fun Skye.

How does Skye fit into the meta?

Skye could influence the meta-play of Valorant with her skills and make it more offensive and aggressive overall. Because with her skills she can optimally eliminate entrenched opponents and reinforce agents like Sova, Cypher or Killjoy.

Skye vs. Sage

Which healer is better? So far, the healer Sage is the only agent who heals others. That is now changing with Skye. Healing them affects the whole team and is especially ideal for healing AoE damage, such as from grenades. However, Skye cannot heal itself.

Hence, Skye doesn’t make Sage redundant. It even makes sense to have both healers on your team and form a robust team that can regenerate very quickly.

Here you can find the settings and the setup of the TOP Valorant Progamer.

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3 years ago

Skye is overpowered. Combined with phenix and breach u can flash the hell out of your enemy